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The Asian Sphere Core Course II : The State and the Individual in Modern Asia

The Asian Sphere program deals with the entire Asian continent as a continuous civilizational zone and addresses cross-regional contacts and processes among Asian societies, cultures and states as well as cross-cultural comparisons. This second core course will introduce to the students of the program, and to other students interested in such questions, various aspects of the modern state and contemporary culture and their impact on the individual from a broad Asian perspective. It will do so by presenting different research themes that represent the variety of studies that can be done within the Asian Sphere theme. The aim of the course is to encourage the students to think about different issues and research opportunities. The course is made-up of lectures taught by senior faculty members at the University of Haifa. Each of these scholars will present her or his field of research and will discuss fundamental issues relevant to cross-Asian research and perspectives with the students.


Credits in elective courses: 
2 Credits