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Issues in Foreign Relations and National Security of Northeast Asia

Ever since World War II the Northeast Asian subsystem has occupied a prominent role in international politics, as the region's political, economic and military conflicts and arrangements have been closely intertwined with major global developments during this period. The Korean War, various aspects of the Cold War, global arms proliferation, global economic architectures, and a recent probable process of structural change of the international system are a few striking examples.

Religious Institutions and Popular Belief in India and China

With over two and a half billion people, the civilizations of China and India have bequeathed humanity several of its most influential religions and schools of thought. From Hinduism and Buddhism through Daoism and Confucianism and on to the Imperial ritual code of China, these traditions are founded on well-established clerical hierarchies and authoritative doctrines that are rooted in millennia old-traditions. However, this view of Chinese and Indian religions as cohesively structured institutions has of late been questioned.

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