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Semester A

The Asian Sphere Core Course

The Asian Sphere program interrogates the idea of "Asia" and explores the continent  as a continuous civilizational zone, examining cross-regional contacts and processes among and within Asian societies, cultures and states. The core course will introduce students to the program, to other students interested in its broad themes, and to a range of theories and research methods relevant to the scope of the program. It will also introduce students  to different research themes and disciplinary studies representative of studies conducted within the Asian Sphere framework.

Empires and Courts in early modern Eurasia: Ming to Ottomans

Two decades ago, the historian Sanjay Subrahmanyam suggested that what defined early modern Eurasia (roughly mid 15th to mid 18th century) was a colossal change in the scale and nature of the circulation and mobility of elites, texts, ideas, and technologies across political boundaries and cultural zones.

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