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Semester A

The Asian Sphere Core Course II : The State and the Individual in Modern Asia

The Asian Sphere program deals with the entire Asian continent as a continuous civilizational zone and addresses cross-regional contacts and processes among Asian societies, cultures and states as well as cross-cultural comparisons. This second core course will introduce to the students of the program, and to other students interested in such questions, various aspects of the modern state and contemporary culture and their impact on the individual from a broad Asian perspective.

Islamic Trends between South and West Asia

This course deals with the organizational interaction and mutual ideological influences between the two most important centers of the Muslim World: the Middle East, Islam's place of origin and classical center of its development, and the Indian Subcontinent with the largest concentration of Muslim population in the world. Our time frame will be the modern period, and especially the past hundred years, from the First World War to the present.


A Historical-Linguistic Approach to Language, Script and Literacy in East Asia

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