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Semester B

Eurasian Nomads and their Culture in the Pre-Islamic Period

We shall learn about the unique way of life of nomadic pastoralists in Eurasia in antiquity. We shall get acquainted with diverse cultures of Iranian and Turkic nomads that existed in the Eurasian steppes in the pre-Islamic period 

Religion and Modernity in East Asia: Continuity and Re-invention

 Modernity has brought with it such great challenges to the East Asian religious traditions that even the word ‘religion’ (宗敎) itself had to be re-invented. In this seminar we will investigate the fascinating ways in which the religions of the region both participate in the formation of unique modernities, as well as continuously re-invent themselves in order to creatively adapt to contemporary trends. Each week will be dedicated to examining a particular subject matter through a broad international and multi-religious perspective.

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