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Itamar Baumer
Areas of interest: 

From the first time that I encountered Asia, as a young backpacker, I found that area fascinating. From the day I came back home I wanted to learn more about the history, culture, religion, and social life of that region of the world. To fulfill that ambition, I started a B.A degree at the Departments of Asian Studies and General History at the University of Haifa. After graduating, and after another long trip to Asia, I realized that my interest just continued to grow.I still had many questions about Asia, and especially about India, which became the focused of my research when I started my M.A studies at the Department of Asian Studies at the University of Haifa. Since then, my field of interests is the Political History of India after Independence. During my M.A studies I learned about the existent of guerilla groups in many areas of India that have been called "Maoist". The fact that there are people in India who are named after and influenced by an ideology that was been established by the Chinese leader looks to me like a vast and interesting topic to research. For that reason I wanted to join the Asian Spare Program. I believe that this program will be helpful in learning about the influence that this unique ideology that came from China had on so many people in India.