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 Chen Bram is an anthropologist, with additional training in organizational studies, sociology and comparative religion. He is a research fellow at the Truman Institute, the Hebrew University. His work focuses on: inter-group relations, ethnicity and religion, Diaspora and immigration.  Bram conducted field work in the Caucasus, Central Asia, Israel, and among Post-Soviet immigrant communities in NYC.  Combining his academic interests with practical applications, he previously worked as an engaged and applied anthropologist. Bram served as academic manager of the research group, Anthropological knowledge: relevance, use and potential” (Van Leer Institute), and as a Visiting Professor at the University of Florida; at the James Madison College of Public Affairs, MSU; and at the Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Clark University. He also has many years of experience in leading cultural and geographical tours and expeditions in different parts of Asia.